Lead Nurture


By - Sudarshan Narayan, Managing Director, Amplifi SaaS Accelerator

Email drip marketing is a very very effective technique used by successful SaaS companies.

It is a process of earning customers interest from “first touch” to “first value”, using small conversations, to establish and nurture a relationship with a potential customer (lead).

In order to move the prospect from top of the funnel to paying customer it is important to segment him or her into various “states of interest” and bucket him or her into the right content to be sent out at the right time with the right call to action.

These states of interest are “interested”, “engaged”, and “committed”. At each state, once the user takes the desired action, he or she is moved to the next “state” or “segment”. This ensures that most appropriate message goes to the most relevant person.

Once email addresses have been acquired through blog signups, ideally an on-boarding email from the founder or CEO of the company needs to be sent. While doing this, a proper sequence needs to be followed to initiate and preserve a connection with the customer.

  1. Welcome Email – sent with the purpose of beginning contact with the consumer and commence their experience with the company, it is sent after sign up and helps guide the user to the next step. This email is kept short and crisp, wasting as little time as possible.
  2. Product Email – sent with the purpose of introducing new product to the user and moving them to app experience. This email is sent with useful features and more knowledge about the product.
  3. Milestone Email – sent with the purpose of letting people know you appreciate them using your product.
  4. “Nudge” Email – sent with the purpose of converting as many trial customers as possible and encouraging them to try new features. This is written in a personal manner and allows customer to ask questions.

The timing of these emails is just very important and can make or break your email marketing strategy.

While any layman can follow the steps, a good SaaS startup takes care of certain other things as well.

  • No auto-responders – we have come a long way from timed auto responders. Auto responders are now triggered by user behaviour. The actions of your prospects need to be kept in mind while sending responders; a company cannot follow a fixed sequence of follow-up email with every customer.
  • Customer-centric content – follow up emails are not just few words clubbed together to show the customer that you exist. They are very specific and are sent based on the particular need – tutorial (introducing the product), educational (how the product helps), aspirational (inspirational use cases), transactional (account credentials to daily status update), personal (one-to-one communication).

Everything does not work for everyone – many SaaS startups have spent time trying to replicate the strategy followed by their competitors only to realize that it doesn’t work for them. It is important to understand that SaaS is a business model and so, apps, even of the same category are often different depending on the customer group you cater to. It is essential to understand your target market and create an experience around them and their use of the product.


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