Launch of Amplifi Paperclip SaaS Accelerator

August 11, 2016 | Metta, Hong Kong

Amplifi Business Incubation Services Pvt Ltd and Paperclip Startup Campus formally launched together the first co-branded B2B SaaS accelerator in Hong Kong – The Amplifi Paperclip SaaS accelerator, supported by InvestHK and Cyberport.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-11 at 1.39.42 PM

The launch event was held at Metta and there was a full house. Startups, CXOs, mentors, investors, partners  all attended.

An overview of the event :

  • Intro of Amplifi by Sudarshan Narayan, founder & Managing Director of Amplifi SaaS
  • Talk by Deepak Madnani, founder & Managing Director of Paperclip Startup Campus
  • Panel discussion moderated by Jeffrey Broer (Board of Directors at Grayscale LTD Hong Kong)
  • Q & A
  • Networking

Below are some highlights of the evening :

“Paperclip is evolving with the ecosystem, mentor base stretches from the valley to China, you gotta think global from day one. We @ Amplifi Paperclip have a great group of mentors, domain experts, all b2b ‪#‎SaaS‬, this is the place you go to for b2b SaaS.” said Deepak in his talk while giving an overview of the program.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-11 at 2.11.22 PMDeepak Madnani, Founder – CEO – PaperclipHK Services Ltd

It was followed by a short talk from Jayne Chan of StartmeupHK Venture Programme.


“The boom of co-working spaces in Hong Kong really sets the tone for the right ecosystem for startups”, one of the key points highlighted by Jayne among others. Jayne welcomed Amplifi to Hong Kong and hoped that the focused program would add value to this ecosystem.

Next on stage was Alice So of Cyberport who said Hong Kong welcomes entrepreneurial talent from around the world along with incubators, accelerators, and funds. And students can tap into the community and interact with real entrepreneurs. Exciting journey.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-11 at 2.06.08 PM.jpegAlice So, Senior Manager, Entrepreneurs Team at Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co Ltd

This was followed by an amazing panel discussion between a great bunch of panelists who felt Hong Kong was a great place for SaaS startups for the following top 3 reasons :

  1. The sheer number of small businesses you have in such a small area,
  2. Got a lot of people and individuals that could possibly create a new SaaS product and
  3. Finally very good support, in terms of co-working spaces, accelerators.

13938218_1268439546508988_1902223075679241502_o(left to right) Christopher Sykes (Head of Legal at Dragon Law),  Alex So (Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director at FastLane Capital), Derek Kwik (Managing Partner at BraveSoldier Ventures), Ajay Kotkar (Senior Consultant & Advisory Board Member at Amplifi) and Jeffrey Broer (Mentor at Amplifi)

“Startups‬, you really need to be in the city where the capital is. Have as many touch points as possible, business level, social level and investment level,” said Derek Kwik of BraveSoldier Ventures.

13958131_1268439726508970_4519909315214141946_oDerek Kwik, Managing Partner at BraveSoldier Ventures

Alex So Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director at Fastlanepro Hong Kong said, “More property investors than‪ startup‬ ‪‎investors‬, but this trend changed in Hong Kong, since 3-4 years ago. What do you (startup founder) look for in a ‪mentor‬? Need a mentor to change with you and be active with you, making snappy decisions and having a face to face time.”




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