May 2016 edition

From the desk of the Managing Director

May was one crazy month for the Amplifi team and its 1st cohort.

The startup founders were battling various fronts – positioning, branding, product development, business plan and pitch deck, research, customer acquisition – to set the platform for a massive push in the last month. Weekly reviews with their mentors ensured that they stayed on course and focused. While in Month 1 we had RefYaar pivot to Pyplyn and Sixerjobs to Varsito, this month after a lot of research and brainstorming, LiveCabs became TravDots.

Amplifi decided to take its program to various Indian cities for the benefit of more SaaS entrepreneurs across India. We also plan to launch the accelerator program in Hong Kong with a local partner – a leading co-working space. Amplifi Management also decided to launch our own Angel Network to fund the accelerator portfolio startups and work started aggressively on this front. We hope to recruit about 100 members this year ; made up of active angels, serial entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

As cohort 1 prepares for the final leg of the program & of course Demo Day (2nd July in Bengaluru and 8th July in Mumbai), and as Amplifi prepares to scale, I along with the team Amplifi look forward to a fantastic journey this year. And of course, we look forward to your continued support.

Sudarshan Narayan
Managing Director, Amplifi

Applications Launch

58d5a49e-20e1-4ee2-a103-d15e14d7aadb.pngOn May 30th, we went live with our applications for our next batch (1st Cohort) in six new locations in India i.e. Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata & New Delhi-NCR, and the 2nd cohort in Bengaluru. The new cohorts will tentatively start in the first week of August 2016 and will last for 12 weeks before the startups pitch to investors on Demo Day at the end of the program.

Startups can apply at the platform for their respective cities.

Bengaluru  Pune  Mumbai  Chennai  Hyderabad  Delhi  Kolkata


99965a3c-25b1-403f-9868-a7a8d76c0139.jpgFor the new cohorts Amplifi has partnered with Extentia Information Technology in Pune for outreach & infrastructure. We are also very proud to partner with Nasscom 10,000 startups & Indian startups who will help us with the outreach campaign & promotional activities.

Fundraising Workshop

129f8389-7f9c-4d67-9e3d-1641f1fbeea0Our startups had a mind blowing 90 minutes session by Vipul Mehta (Founder & CEO at Tipping Point). (click here)

Workshop on UX Design
Ravi Padaki (founder of Pravi Solutions) conducted this practical and insightful session. (click here)

Interesting articles:

SaaS articles:

SaaS and Tech Funding News

Upcoming events

  • 4 days Mumbai field trip for our Cohort #1 is being organised from 10th – 14th June to meet & network with relevant potential customers, angels, VCs & mentors.
  • We will be announcing the launching of a Retail-Tech Accelerator in Mumbai.

  • Session on “PR for startups” will be conducted on 17th June by Jaideep Shergill @Pitchfork Partners.

  • Startup pitch events to apply for Cohort 2 in Bengaluru and Cohort 1 in various locations on the following days :

    • 19th June – Bengaluru – in collaboration with IndianStartups.

    • 21st June – Bengaluru – in collaboration with Nasscom 10k startups.

    • 24th June – Kolkata – in collaboration with Nasscom 10k startups.

    • 25th June – Mumbai – in collaboration with IndianStartups.

    • 26th June – Pune –  in collaboration with IndianStartups.

    • 27th June – Mumbai – in collaboration with Nasscom 10k startups.

    • 2nd July – Chennai & Hyderabad – in collaboration with iKeva.

    • 3rd July – Bengaluru – in collaboration with iKeva.

    • 5th July – Pune – in collaboration with Nasscom 10k startups.

    • 17th July – Chennai – in collaboration with @theWorks.

      Demo day for Cohort #1:
      • 2nd July, Bengaluru.

      • 9th July, Mumbai.


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