Fundraising Workshop

May 6th, 2016 | Online

Vipul Mehta (Founder & CEO at Tipping Point) conducted this mind blowing workshop. He has over 20 years of rich experience in IT industry as a co-founder and top management with software product development companies serving to India’s fortune 500 customers. He has works closely with various start-ups which are funded by Mumbai Angels, Indian Angel Network, CIO Angel Network, Venture  Nursery which includes companies like LogiNext, Paytunes, Saffron Stays, MotoMojo, Stitch Wood, to name a few. He is closely associated with Amplifi Asia and many of HNI investors and their portfolio companies.

vipul mehta.jpg

The session was mainly focused on the following topics:

  1. Bag funding or Beg funding.
  2. Finding Mr/Ms right – Investor dating.
  3. Decoding an Ideal Investor.
  4. Right Price to write payout.
  5. What investors look for?
    1. The Proposition.
    2. The Market.
    3. Execution.
    4. Team.
    5. Financials.
    6. Exit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fast & Furious wins the race – aligning to momentum keeps an investor alive & kicking.
  • Raising funds is expensive both in time & money – both resource are scarce with entrepreneur and abundant with investors.
  • Frequency of investors communication – engagement is more important in early stage than the duration of communication.
  • Startups which offer prospects quick trial, pilot & testing – will seize the opportunity to grab investors attention.
  • Make sure to demonstrate right sense of urgency and selectivity.

It was a deep dive session and lasted 90 minutes followed by Q&A, and addressed issues that are super-critical and must-know for startup founders looking to raise funds and scale their startup.


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