April 2016 edition


April was a pretty busy month for Amplifi and its 1st cohort. There was plenty of action in the 1st full month since the cohort started the program on 21st March with workshops, investor meets and sessions with mentors. Each startup finalised its lead mentor and also plotted a roadmap of their journey towards Demo Day (last week of June 2016) along with their key deliverables. Some of our startups changed their product brand names, for example RefYaar re-branded and re-positioned as “Pyplyn”, SixerJobs re-branded itself as “Varsito”, while others like Trilyo expanded the scope of their offerings to make it more holistic, Tellofy refined their use case and industry focus, Anvaya defined their first product- “InsightNxt” and LiveCabs re-defined and finalised their go to market business model and approach.

All in all, an action packed, crazy month.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition.

Sudarshan Narayan
Managing Director, Amplifi


1d6698fb-6424-4063-bb1e-bffc638cc601.jpgEnterprise Sales Part I – by Mr Kiran Pradhan
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846ba8e3-cea3-4e54-99fb-3f42f8d2fa69.jpgSaaS marketing – by Ms Milita Datta
Read More>>

e1db50f3-5e57-44bd-9e1c-e94ee67be20b.jpgCompany Law, Legal and Compliance – by Ms Vidyut Bedekar
Read More>>

05e1f5e4-b85b-45f8-a15d-60b6d8719049Enterprise Sales Part II – by Mr Kiran Pradhan
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7bff674f-8d76-48c7-aacf-01ad4ccc3a5f.jpgBranding & Marketing for Startups – by Mr Jeffrey Broer
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VC Interactions

dd2f57d7-c722-4c9d-ada1-2a30aae7a367.jpgField Trip to Matrix Partners

Our startups had an exciting field trip to the Bengaluru office of leading SaaS VC – Matrix Partners. Learn More>>

1631b205-c5ec-4506-855f-8eac9ec4d349.jpgMechanics of early stage investment by Kae Capital

Our startups had an amazing 2 hour online session by the awesome team from the Mumbai-based Kae Capital. Navin Honagudi, Investment Director and Devansh Sanghavi, Investment Analyst delivered a captivating session. Learn  More>>
2ccded82-9ac5-4612-87fd-9b29ac9fc86a.jpgWorkshop by our partner IBM Bluemix
Mr. Mani Madhukar (Cloud Partner Lead – South : IBM Ecosystem Development Team), Mr. Sachin Kumar R S (Community Manager, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program) & Mr. Deepak Rai (Client Technical Specialist at IBM) were the team that presented a detailed and fantastic session on IBM’s cloud and analytics offering. Read More>>
0e23dee7-0ab0-47c3-a7ba-a68ef854c658.jpgSpecial mentor session on Seed and Angel round insights
Nisheeth Ranjan (CTO and Co-Founder – Brightfunnel), one of our US based mentors conducted this practical and superb session. He is a tech entrepreneur who loves to build, most recently as CTO/Co-Founder of IntroRocket (IP sold to LinkedIn in 2012) and before that as CEO/Founder of Zamanzar.com, an Indian real estate website. Read More>>
20b8d198-f49f-4711-8301-a055530eb391.jpgMock Demo Day Pitch

Startups in Cohort #1 had a mock pitch session where they pitched to Mr. Bharat Banka, one of India’s top angel investors and our advisory board member. Read More>>

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Upcoming Events

  • Fundraising & financing mechanics workshop will be conducted by Mr. Vipul Mehta (Founder & CEO at Tipping Point) on 6th May, 2016.

  • Amplifi is expanding to 8 different locations : 6 cities in India, namely: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Pune and 2 locations abroad, i.e. Hong Kong & Vietnam.

  • Applications for startups in the above locations will be opened shortly.

  • We are soon going to launch our own AAG (Amplifi Angel Group), which will consist of more than 50 angels.

  • 2nd Mock demo pitch day will be organised soon.

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