Sales Workshop @Bhive Workspace

April 16, 2016 | Bhive Workspace S4, HSR Layout, Bangalore.


This was the follow on workshop conducted by Mr. Kiran Pradhan. The first of this 2 part workshop was conducted on 2nd April,2016 and covered “Enterprise sales” – for more details click here.

This workshop was mainly focused on the following critical topics in lead management and sales like :

  1. Lead Accepted (Is this worth pursuing?)
  2. Qualified Opportunity (Do we understand the Business Drivers?)
  3. Value Proposition (Are we positioned to win?)
  4. Finalist/Shortlisted (Is there a preference for we?)
  5. Negotiation/Vendor of Choice (When will the deal close?)



During the session, Mr. Kiran shared the opportunity scorecard sheet with all the startups, they had one to one discussion by taking the example of their clients, based on it, they filled the scorecards & all the startups found it really very useful, they all liked the session very much & wants to have more such workshops in future.


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