Amplifi Cohort field trip to Matrix Partners India

April 7, 2016 | Matrix Partners India| Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Raghav Nagarajan, Matrix Partners India


Matrix Partners India was established in 2006. Based in Mumbai, the fund invests growth capital across a range of consumer-oriented industries, including the Internet, education, financial services and retail.

As an entrepreneur turned VC, Raghav Nagarajan is excited about working with passionate and committed entrepreneurs who look to build scalable businesses.

Sudarshan Narayan, Managing Director of Amplifi kicked off the session by introducing himself and Amplifi to Raghav. Raghav then asked each startup to briefly talk about their backgrounds, their startup, vision and their product. Raghav participated interactively, quizzing them about their product, pricing, strategy and competitors, which made the conversation very interesting and also allowed the startup to learn first-hand what goes through a VC’s mind.


Raghav introduced Matrix Partners – one of the oldest US based VCs, their investment thesis and criteria, and some of their global investments including India. He mentioned that they were very very bullish on the Indian SaaS opportunity/startups. He mentioned Matrix have witnessed numerous boom-and-bust cycles, worked with hundreds of companies and have developed an understanding of where mistakes can be made and how strong, scalable and sustainable companies are built. This is the value add they bring to the table when they invest, along with their global network.


Raghav asked startups to have a clear focus regarding their markets and customer segments. He advised the startups to create products satisfying a real and pressing need, to focus on verticals which are ripe for disruption and tech innovation and the product/solution must clearly show ROI for customers. When a startup asked what Raghav kind of entrepreneur does he invest in, he said:

  • Ruthless desire and passion
  • Ability to build and manage teams
  • Quick learner
  • Strategic thinker
  • Man or woman with a Mission

Raghav said some fundamental points to cover while presenting to investors are :

  1. What is the Market?
  2. What is the Problem?
  3. What is the Product?
  4. How does the product solve the problem better than other solutions available
  5. The Team?


It was great session for startups to be able to interact and learn from an entrepreneur turned VC – and get views from both sides of the table.


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