Workshop on enterprise sales @XIME

April 02, 2016 | XIME, Bangalore.

Kiran profile pic.jpg

Mr. Kiran Pradhan conducted the workshop. He is a veteran in the Business Application software sector having served many parts of Indian industry in leadership roles in companies like SAP and IBM. Kiran is also passionate about and advises entrepreneurs and early-stage companies on market-readiness and growth.

The workshop was mainly focused on the following topics:

  1. Developing Prospective Organisations into Clients
    • Stages of customer development
      i.    Customer Qualification
      ii.   Mapping power centres / key stakeholders within organisations
      iii.   Proposing your value
      iv.   Finalising deals and negotiation
  2. Services – Products continuum
    1. Services, Products and Scale
    2. Productization/Solution aspects
    3. Channel Sales-partnerships and alliances


The workshop was very insightful which lasted for two hours including Q & A session.


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