Workshop on Building a SaaS Business

The workshop was conducted on 26th March, 2016 by Jenny Rutherford – Advisory Board member of Amplifi Business Incubation Pvt. Ltd.

Jenny is currently the CEO/Founder of a SaaS startup in stealth mode and in her last role before this, was Chief Product Officer at BlueScape. Jenny has nearly 2 decades of experience in launching and building SaaS businesses/startups.


The workshop was mainly focused on the following topics:

  1. —Success Drivers.
  2. The Business Model.
  3. Basics of SaaS Success.
  4. —Performance and Operational Metrics.
  5. —Industry Benchmarks.
  6. —Case Studies.
  7. SaaS Accounting.




The insightful and example filled workshop lasted for two hours including Q and A and left the startups wanting more. In all, the startups felt there was plenty of takeaways and the workshop provided the startups with not just food for thought but also invaluable tips to launch and grow their ventures.


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