Amplifi Cohort meets Ronnie Screwvala

March 30, 2016 | XIME, Bangalore

Amplifi’s first Cohort was privileged to have a call with Mr. Ronnie Screwvala, one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs and a philanthropist. He was the founder and CEO of UTV Group (UTV Software Communications, Bloomberg UTV, and UTV Motion Pictures) which was acquired by Walt Disney in 2012.


Mr Screwvala started by offering a few insights on his own entrepreneurial journey and focused on few key points like how important it is to understand your customers deeply, raising your first round of funding & working with your investors together, and how to stay focused through the difficult times.  He touched upon the importance of taking on the right co founders and building cohesive teams with the same vision.

On the Indian startup ecosystem, when asked about his view, he said instead of the 4000 odd startups registered last year, we should have lakhs of startups and hoped that the initiatives taken by our PM Mr Modi, will spur many many more people to start their ventures and help the Indian economy be a global powerhouse.

When asked by a startup on what are the important things to focus on in a B2B business, he replied

  1. It has to solve a real and business critical problem and solve it well / better than the existing solution
  2. The business / idea must be scalable,
  3. There must be a Differentiator

According to Mr Screwvala, the entire service and consumption sectors are huge opportunities for Indian startups to tap whether B2C or B2B2C.

Mr Screwvala spent a good 45 minutes with our startups and answered all their queries in the Q and A session in the end, sending the startups’ motivation levels to a whole new high.


It was a memorable evening for the founders and for Amplifi to have had the opportunity to speak to and be addressed by such an eminent and respected personality.


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