Amplifi Cohort field trip to Helion VC

March 29, 2016 | Helion office, Marathahalli, Bangalore

With an aim to give the startups an investor’s perspective and help them prepare for demo day, Amplifi organised a one on one with Mr. Srikanth Sundararajan, Venture Partner at Helion Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Sudarshan Narayan, Managing Director of Amplifi accompanied the founders.


Mr. Srikanth touched upon a few key issues and offered the startups some invaluable advice:

  • Understand your customer deeply
  • Pick one area and create a product which is very simple
  • Always make sure you are solving a pain point and focus on usability and user experience,
  • Go to market should be very well thought of and simple / fast to execute
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin
  • You should have a scalable model


Mr. Srikanth asked the startups to collaborate with other players in their vertical and play an asset light game He asked them to focus on one use case and first gain traction in that use case. He touched upon each of the startups business, gave some tips and answered questions.

About seed and VC investors, Srikanth said investors will look at traction, scale and how well a startup understands its vertical. He said user experience has to be seamless. He said investors will ask whether it is “must have” solution or not.  He advised that it would be good for each startup to have market validation and customer traction before demo day; even if the customers are not paying but using product. He said it’s always better to focus on less customer verticals and gain more traction in the verticals rather than horizontal.


The startups went back with loads of feedback, food for thought and inputs on how they could make an impact on Demo day with Mr. Srikanth informing the startups that he would meet them again midway through the program to see progress.


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