March 2016 edition

The first cohort: Pre-Inaugural Day- March 6, 2016


Amplifi – XIME B2B SaaS accelerator are proud to announce the 1st Cohort and the rocket-ship journey begins.

After two months of hectic planning, sourcing and 3 days of heavy duty pitching, the panel deliberated, short-listed and invited 6 startups to join Cohort 1. The startups underwent due diligence after which agreements were signed with them.

The Amplifi-XIME management team proudly present our first cohort :

  • Trilyo – It is a first of its kind POS (Point of Sale) specifically designed for restaurant with a focus on enabling sales, improving operational efficiency and engaging customers. Trilyo provides a simple yet powerful SaaS based mobile application for restaurateurs.
  • Anvaya – Anvaya Analytics Lab is created to have the best analytics lab to connect complex analytics to business problem. I2EM – Insight to Engagement Marketing Platform the product for engagement marketing platform for retail. It enables offline retailers to intelligently connect with customers to engage them continuously.
  • LiveCabs – Revolutionizing how a cab driver gets a booking and travel agent/ tour operator/ hotel books a cab for its customers by reinventing online collaboration. Modelling the existing offline cab booking process around technology, LIVE CABS is connecting 1.8M cabs to 1M service providers catering 100M customers annually.
  • RefYaar – Our gamified application and predictive tool helps recruiters anticipate employee attrition in the organization in order to plan and execute timeline interventions. At the same time, our sourcing and matching “bot” shortlists best-fit candidates for the jobs “at risk” via multiple sources including leveraging the professional network of current employees.
  • Sixer jobs – A software for training institutes where they can manage & track their entire day-to-day operations from Leads, admission, courses & batches, attendance, fees to placements.
  • Tellofy – A multi-mode (audio, video and text), independent, sector agnostic, discovery, ratings and review platform on web, mobile and onsite driven by analytics with actionable insights.


As part of the pre-inaugural induction, all the startups were taken out for lunch on 6th March where they got to interact one-on-one with Mr. Srinath Batni, ex Board Member of Infosys and co-founder Axilor. Mr. Batni addressed the startups on entrepreneurship and gave them invaluable tips for success. The startups had the privilege of spending 3 hours with an eminent personality like Mr. Batni who patiently made sure they get quality time with him over a board-room type discussion and also over lunch.

The first Workshop at Amplifi-XIME

Mr. Ravi Padaki conducted the first workshop for our cohort 1 on 10th March 2016.


Being a consultant and a coach for companies both large and small gives him the opportunity to learn of challenges first hand at several places, situations and from talking to colleagues. He has participated in several mentoring sessions organized by Google Launchpad, TiE Boot Camp, TLabs here in Bangalore over the past few years. He is also dedicating a part of his time in mentoring startups in India.

The workshop delved into lean methodologies, MVP, pivot and touched upon several common mistakes made by startups when it came to product and product market fit.

Official Inauguration of Amplifi-XIME Accelerator – 21 March, 2016

On 21st March, 2016 (Monday), Amplifi-XIME officially announced the opening of their co branded accelerator hosted in the XIME Incubation Centre which was also opened officially the same day.

The program was held at XIME, Bangalore Campus for the virtual inauguration of the XIME Incubation Centre by Prof. Larry Cox, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, and lead faculty for the Graziadio School’s entrepreneurship programs School of Business and Management, and lead faculty for the Graziadio School’s entrepreneurship programs.

Amplifi was represented by its Advisory Board Member Mr. Vishnu Bhat along with the team. All the six startups of Amplifi XIME Accelerator first cohort were present.


The inauguration was made in the presence of:

  • Mr. Naveen Asrani who is the Director – Startups at Microsoft where he is responsible for building the ecosystem across Startups, Developers, Academia, for Windows Platform, Cloud, Mobile & Internet of Things.
  • Prof. J. Philip, President, XIME – A “home-grown guru in management education” was how Prof. J. Philip was described by Mr. Thothathri Raman in a special write-up on him in the feature ‘Heritage’ in the issue of ‘Indian Management’. Prof. J. Philip is the founder and builder of Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore, the prestigious Management School in Bangalore, which is recognized as one of the top Business Schools in the country. He is currently the President of XIME.
  • Prof. Mukesh Hegde, Dean – Entrepreneurship Development,XIME.
  • Dr Mathew J Manimala is Director-Research, XIME Institutions. He has been a Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Chairperson of the OB & HR area at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).  Prior to joining IIMB, he has served as Senior Member of Faculty and Chairman, Human Resources Area, at the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad.
  • Suryanarayanan Srinivasan – Associate Professor at Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship


Dr. Mathew delivered the welcome address, followed by Prof. J.Philip (XIME President), and then Mr. Naveen Asrani (Director Startup Microsoft) delivered the address regarding how all the startups can leverage microsoft technology. He shared his valuable insights, what he had learned from the start-ups and some key takeaways were :

  1. Entrepreneurship is a lovely journey, good to have a co-funder with skills complementary.
  2. Good ideas find good people.
  3. “The idea is important, but people are more important.”
  4. Execution eats strategy for lunch. Culture eats strategy for lunch. Value system is integral for creating start-ups.
  5. Scaling up is about letting go & trusting others to live your dream.
  6. Stay loyal to the problem, not the solution
  7. What will world like if we don’t exist?
  8. Change one thing and everything will change.

At last, Prof. Mukesh addressed the gathering. He said that Amplifi was the first accelerator they had tied up with & it has been a great working experience with Amplifi. It is a very good platform in terms of funding and mentoring for Indian SaaS startups. He said together Amplifi and XIME are planning to expand our relationship and establish our incubation centres in Chennai & Kochi campuses as well.

The next three months would consist of a gruelling bootcamp of workshops, masterclasses, mentor one on ones, investor interaction, customer acquisition, product market fit; culminating in Demo Day.

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