SaaSy Startups meet SaaS Accelerator

Amplifi-NASSCOM 10,000 Startups held a pitching session on 19th February, 2016 at Diamond District with the idea to introduce Amplifi XIME Accelerator to NASSCOM’s startups. Five shortlisted startups pitched their ideas to Mr. Sudarshan Narayan on the pitch day. The shortlisted SaaS startups will be a part of the 2nd batch of accelerator program which is a three month accelerator program at Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Bangalore,scheduled in first week of May.

1. Evayadesk  :

Vidya Vellala, Founder of Evayadesk, has designed a B2B, SaaS based software, which helps companies to provide efficient customer support  to their customers. This software can be integrated with the the app/website of the companies, so that the customers can create, track and prioritize the requests generated by them, only by generating a complaint ticket.

The products designed at Evayadesk are :

RocTik Ticketing System

  • Cloud based Ready to Use for Admin and Agent.
  • Easily integrable Web and Android SDK for Subscriber.
  • Create, Track, Categorize, Prioritize, Resolve tickets.
  • Emails Alerts. Real time Reports.

RocTime Time Tracking Tool

  • Cloud based Time Tracking System, integrable web app.
  • Track the time of your employees from anywhere.
  • Customizable Time tracker. Hourly, perday tracking.
  • Emails Alerts. Real time Reports.

Checkout their website :


2. Grablook :

Founder, Rajesh Karotwan has designed a SaaS software which allows you to share articles on multiple social networking sites in just one click. This product helps increase traffic for the sites and also helps them gain customer loyalty by rewarding points, which can be redeemed later. Hence it increases the brand value of the company.

Do take a look of their website:


3. PlayDay :

Neeraj and Varun have designed a gamified platform to help companies create an amazing on-boarding experience for their new hires , that moulds them into ready and productive resources.They also help companies to keep a track of their sales team and hence increase productivity.

Playday leverages game mechanics to enable retention and achieve completion rates in compliance and policy learning.

This product also creates an effective sales team, shorten sales cycles, build sales skills and product knowledge, improve channel partner efficiency and standardize sales collateral.

Check them out :


4. Sismatik Solution :

Co-Founders Lokesh Rao and Vinay Katwe have designed a SaaS software product which provides ambient OOH advertising platform. Cloudbase solutions including proof of play reporting services coupled with android based Signage player which helps OOH media agencies and enterprises to roll out a digital OOH advertising campaign quickly and manage operations and efficiently.

Here is more at their website :


5. Weaver:

Jose Kuttan, Co-Founder of Weaver, presented his startup’s SaaS product overview, which is an all inclusive software for retail stores with a Point of Sale, Inventory Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Reporting tool and much more in a simple and easy to use interface. Weaver works for Single and Multi Store Retail, Boutiques, Sports Stores, Cafes, Quick Service Restaurants and Delis.

Visit their website :



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