Amplifi-XIME Cohort 1 Final Pitch

Twelve startups, from idea stage to revenue stage, pitched on 12th and 13th of February face to face at the XIME Bangalore. Each startup got 90 minutes time which included 30-40 minutes of pitching their idea to the panel followed by a detailed Q&A for the balance amount of time. After two hectic days of pitching the panelists are now finalizing top 3-5 startups.

The panel present physically on the two days were Mr Sudarshan Narayan MD of Amplifi, Mr. Rohinton Bharucha Director of Amplifi, Mr. Ravi Veeraghanta Director of Amplifi, Mr. Amitava Neogi Director Amplifi, Mr. Vishnu Bhat Advisor Amplifi and Dr. Mukesh Hegde Dean Entrepreneurship XIME.


The panel was also joined by our mentors from different parts of the world via gotomeeting which included :

Dan Ternes, Chief Technology Officer for Software AG in Asia-Pacific and Japan (from Hong Kong)

Jeffrey Broer, Founder and member of the non-executive board of Grayscale, a HK-based user focused design studio. (from Hong Kong)

Kiran Pradhan, a veteran in the Business Application software sector having served many parts of Indian industry in leadership roles in companies like SAP and IBM. (from Mumbai)

Jenny Rutherford, CEO/Founder of a SaaS startup in stealth mode and till recently was Chief Product Officer at BlueScape, (from US)

Ajay Kotkar, A technology professional with a solid well grounded 25+ years experience within the Banking and Financial Services Industry, who has held very senior positions in Global Banks and Financial Institutes like ABN Amro, RBS, Swiss Bank. (from Hong Kong)

Dr. Volker Kuebler,(MBA, PhD) is a senior executive and an entrepreneur with global experience, specializing in international business strategy and operations in emerging markets from the US.

Pradeep Kamasani, Angel Investor/ Mentor / Business Model Evaluator and provide Innovative strategy to several start ups , he is also the founder of Sowya Soft Inc,USA in the year 2007 and Co-Founder of Hunter Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd,Bangalore,India – (from Hyderabad).

Amit Manocha, Managing Director in the private equity team of Everstone Capital (from Singapore).

Anil Joshi, an early stage investor and has recently launched Unicorn India Ventures fund focusing on early stage investment (from Mumbai).


1. Opex labs : Opex labs was the first startup pitching on 12th, February, 8:30 in the morning. The pitch was presented by Mr. Vengadesan , Vivekanandan and Abhishek . Opex labs is a hadoop adaptation about their product HAAS365, which is designed to make hadoop adaptation easier and more efficient. This is a cloud service that brings in on-demand Big Data services to businesses to interpret data and extract business information for minimizing waste and increase profits.They operate on a cloud network and charge customers on a monthly rental basis.

Take a glance at their startup:


2. MigoTech : Ritesh Singh (CEO) and Param Krish have (CTO) designed a SaaS technology to facilitate cab management services for the ease of the companies and employees. Migo cab engine, provides companies which are on Migo dashboard, to last minute connectivity, with a simple algorithm. They create Corporate Pool cluster for the Tech Parks hence, taking cabs from office has become more convenient. Migo Cabs is presently functional in Bangalore.

Check them out on:


3. Refyaar : Co-Founders Ranaq Sen & Soham Basak, pitched their SaaS product which intends to make the job searching process easier and simpler for people, where a person’s resume is matched for relevant key requirements for a position in a company, hence optimizing the recruitment process. They offer a service that makes it convenient to refer someone for a job, while building a network simultaneously.

Employee referrals, even though the best and most transparent mode of hiring, only accounts for 25% of hiring, internationally! Thats where RefYaar comes in. Their portal allows one to post a available positions and their algorithms matches the perfect candidates with the requirements. You can then chat with them to know more, visit their social media profiles and in turn build your network while recommending them for a job.

Have a look at their startup:


4. Livecabs : Out of the four founders of this startup based in Bhubaneswar three of them enthusiastically made it in person: Sounak Sarkar, Pritam Mishra and Aaskash Malu. This is a cab service which uses the tour operators/ Hotels/Corporates to enable the customers to use their service.

Their business model is a B2B multi channel cab distribution system and not an usual aggregator model.They are trying to migrate the offline tourist cabs onto an online platform.

Give them a look :


5. Yuno : Sriniwas Rao and Sridhar Krishna Rao, CTO, presented their saas based web data extraction product. This product intends to ease data extraction Online Research has become a fundamental necessity across industries. The key objective is to understand the industry trends, track competitor activities, and forecast areas of future growth.

This product is designed to exponentially reduce time and cost Companies spend on extracting data and analyzing web data. Yuno is a cloud based web extraction tool which provides customized web data extraction.

Check them out:


6. Enchant internet : Co-Founders, Saagar Gugwad and Pavithra Kumar Shetty, pitched a platform which helps merchants increase revenue instantly with campaigns.

Enchant Internet offers a remarkable marketing plethora for businesses. It will enable you to increase revenue during low foot­fall with the help of real time discounts. They empower businesses to increase revenue instantly. They have a simple structure which has four steps, which can help business increase their revenues

Enchant has two products, namely :

Enchant, is a remarkable platform to help businesses gain more profit.

Profitto, is an app that lets customer avail unique discounts within their vicinity.

Check their website:



1. InstaFinancials : The first startup for the day Co-Founders Uday Khemka and Raji, presented their SaaS based product, with the initiative to make the ‘Financial Diligence’ easy and simple for companies who need Financial Analysis Reports. InstaFinancialshelps Bankers in credit appraisal, Companies in Competitors and Vendors Analysis, PE Firms in bulk conversion of XMLs/Forms and Marketing Firms by providing them the specific list of leads.

Know more about InstaFinancials:

insta2. Trilyo : Abhishek Moharana & Gaurav Moharana Co-Founders of Trilyo who pitched,  have designed a simple, intuitive and powerful platform based POS for your restaurant.   This product brings  commerce to your mobile with Cloud POS that works on offline modeas well.

This platform provides more per customer with smart kitchen management system and let’s  restaurants manage all apps at one place, hence no multiple devices or apps.

Help restaurants delight their customers with digital receipt and get instant feedback, and also are helpful in report generation, which they send after closing hours.

Take a look on their website:


3. Tellofy : Saurabh Majumdar CEO and Founder along with his team member Tarun, pitched his real-time review and feedback ecosystem for the consumer which is trustworthy, fun, engaging and meaningful.

Their plan is in three phases:

  1. Beta Launch : They are live now and in Beta stage. This is a 3 month Beta roll-out where they plan to improve the platform based on user feedback.
  2. Ready For Development : With a functional specification document of over 400 pages they were ready to go into development. The product was divided into 4 main modules, the website, the Tablet POS and the Mobile APP for consumers and finally the Business Dashboards, giving meaning to all the data.
  3. UI Design and Planning : They have built an app which allows its customers to discover and rate while businesses get segmented, meaningful insights for decision making.

The team also had built an app and demonstrated it on a tablet, to rate XIME.

Take a look at their website:


4. Anvaya : Palasjyoti Dutta, has designed  a data solutions company that work as a catalyst for companies to adopt ‘data-driven decision making’ part of organizational DNA. This helps capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data and Analytics to take Data Driven Decisions. They help solve high impact Business and Social problems for strategic and competitive advantage

Anvaya blends its consulting services with solutions to bridge this gap. :

Data: Data and information strategy consulting,Data governance and quality consulting, Data interpretation and IM.

Tools: Provide tools for data integration like Informitica, IBM DataStage

Databases and Bigdata: eg Hp Vertica, Hbase.

Check their business profile:



5. Signzy : Co-Founders Ankit Ratan, Ankur Pandey, Arpit Ratan, pitched their startup which is in the business of digital contract management : which enables signing of contracts, safe and legal without unnecessary hassles.

Their biometric user authentication system and block-chain based digital trail ensure non-repudiation. This increases contract compliance and its enforceability in court of law. The team has designed the product which not only takes care of the digital signature but also the verification part.

Here’s their startup –


6. EasyEcom : Co-Founder, Punit Gupta along with his team has designed a product that provides end to end solutions for online sellers, EasyEcom makes the entire process of listing-to-sales-to-payment cycle a pleasurable one.

With EasyEcom one can get their official online brand store quick & easy. The e-shop is a complete end to end solution including design, cataloging, software, logistics & maintenance of your own online store. You can create a direct impact on your online sales through top digital marketing media – Google, Facebook & Email. Online Sales Maximizer is a complete end to end solution including design & execution of integrated marketing campaigns. EasyEcom also provides a one point access to Online Marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart & more and allows you to manage your inventory through a common platform.

Let’s support their startup:


Each pitching session was followed by an in depth Q&A with active participation from the online panelists who in some cases were up late into the night. After the Q&A was take to the see the actual space which they will be occupying if selected.  Here is a glimpse of what’s in store for our startups.


And finally the team that made this all possible.

Amplifi – XIME Team!!




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